2018 Staff

Sarah VanNorstrand

Sarah started dancing as a teenager and was instantly hooked. She started calling in 2006, and regularly calls at the Syracuse, NY dance, as well as dances and dance weekends across the country. Depending on the event, her repertoire includes a wide variety of contra dances as well as squares and party dances. She enjoys working with everyone from first-time dancers to decades-long contra veterans. Above all, her goal as a caller is to make sure the dancers are having as much fun as she is! She loves dancing, community, and music and always tries to communicate that enthusiasm in her calling. When she’s not calling or dancing, Sarah can usually be found in the garden or at work at Lucky Moon Farm CSA in Cazenovia, NY.

Dan Blim

Hailing from Columbus, Dan Blim has been dancing English, Contra, Scottish for over 15 years, and enjoys dabbling in a handful of other styles. He has been a caller around the Midwest and Philadelphia area over the last 10 years. Off the dance floor, he teaches musicology at Denison University and makes a lot of puns.

The Faux Paws

  • Noah VanNostrand – Fiddle, Mandolin, Feet
  • Andrew VanNorstrand – Guitar, Fiddle
  • Chris Miller – Saxophone and Banjo

Members of Great Bear bring a wide-ranging acoustic powerhouse sound ranging from groovy to old-time originals and standards.


Alchemy brings together three dynamic players steeped in traditional English Country Dance and Contra Dance music. Individually, they have performed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a trio, their improvisatory style brings a contemporary and innovative feel to both traditional and newly composed tunes and songs. From driving Scottish Reels to French Mazurkas and everything in between, Alchemy delights the listener with heartfelt performances with a touch of whimsy. Alchemy plays English country dances, contra dances, concerts, and more!

The Vox Hunters

Armand Aromin and Benedict Gagliardi are musically bound by a shared love of traditional Irish music, which originally brought them together, as well as an eclectic and ever-growing amalgam of songs both inside and far outside the realm of ‘folk music’. With fiddle in hand, a couple concertinas, banjo and a pair of complementary voices, The Vox Hunters present an exciting repertoire of driving dance tunes blended with an unorthodox collection of interesting songs and musical varia.

The Vox Hunters’ philosophy is that the search for good songs is endless and satisfyingly so. We don’t aim to fuse genres, push boundaries, or redefine ‘folk music’ — we simply sing songs we like to sing in exactly the way we like to sing them. Our influences and inspirations are voices in the English, American, and Irish folk music realm, but we allow our ears a long musical leash.