COVID-19 Precautions for 2021 Camp Session

This page will be updated as information becomes available. Here’s the latest:

  1. As of May 20th, CDS Boston Centre has decided that camp sessions should occur pretty much as usual to the extent allowable by law, with COVID-19 vaccinations required. That means we expect social dancing to occur.
  2. The dates of camp will be adjusted due to a late start to the camp season at Pinewoods to July 16-18.
  3. All campers and program staff will be required to show a card detailing the dates of an FDA-approved vaccine for COVID-19 in order to confirm their spot.
    1. Children who have received their COVID-19 vaccine may attend. Children who are either ineligible or have otherwise not received the vaccine may not attend.
    2. Swing into Summer organizers will examine every card to confirm vaccination, then pass the card images to CDSBC for safekeeping, deleting them from organizers’ files.
  4. On May 29, Massachusetts will lift restrictions on number of people who can participate in events, and correspondingly CDSBC sessions at Pinewoods will be at full capacity.
  5. To receive priority in the case of a registration lottery, you can become a member of CDS Boston Centre by June 7.
  6. Swing into Summer may have some programming modifications in light of COVID-19, but we’re still figuring that out.

For further information, see links below

Thank you for being flexible & accommodating this year as we all try to navigate the constantly evolving situation.