Pay registration fee


  • Age 13+ — Sliding Scale from $190 (at-cost price—$245)
  • Age 4-12 — $150
  • Age 0-3 — $100


Here are a few scenarios to help you consider which payment bracket is right for you:

  • You are a student and your parents are helping cover the registration costs.
    • Go for $245.
  • You just graduated from college, are unemployed, and get a headache looking at your student loan balance.
    • Maybe somewhere between $190 and $245 is for you.
  • You have a steady job but remember what it was like to be in the above category.
    • $275 will help make this a sustainable weekend.
  • Life is good and you really care about ensuring these traditions are shared
    • Chip in $330, be an Honor Supporter and make this weekend possible!
  • You love Pinewoods, Swing into Summer and the folk dance community, and are looking at paying $360 for 4th of July Weekend 
    • Be a Community Builder at $355 and make a huge difference for dancers who otherwise couldn’t attend camp!


Use the calculator below to determine how much you should pay. Once you have your number. Use the PayPal button to pay for your registration.



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