Check out our 2019 schedule for an idea of the kinds of things we might offer, and suggest your own when you apply!

2019 SiS Schedule

Camp opens at 3pm on Friday, with dinner at 6pm.  It ends with a dance party Sunday afternoon, then dinner at 6pm, and departure by 7:15pm.
Workshops, Gatherings and Activities

Each day is filled with activities from morn till midnight! In addition to American and English dance sessions, staff will lead couples dancing and special workshops.  For children there will be age appropriate activities and lifeguarded swims. And at morning gathering, the entire camp comes together to sing, dance, and share special talents in a supportive environment.  And that’s not all…

Camper led activities are a big part of the weekend!  In past years these have included rapper dance, Broadway musicals, games, drama, juggling, and more!  After parties at the Camphouse are another place that campers can play or call dances, so please share your talents and volunteer your skills (or request an activity) on the application form.

Evening Dances

Evening dances at Pinewoods are the best ever – and our friendly and amazing staff is guaranteeing a great mix of American & English dances that you’ll never forget!  They may also throw in the occasional Hambo, Swing or Couple dance; and we’ll close with a waltz and a song.

If any of this is new to you, great!  Pinewoods is the perfect place to explore something new and still enjoy lots of your favorite dancing!  Prior dance experience is not required. Please bring clean shoes for dancing.