Calluna (Eileen O’Grady, Gus Cantieni, and Jesse Ball) is a young trad trio from Western MA that plays driving dance tunes from an Irish contemporary repertoire.


Alchemy brings together three dynamic players steeped in traditional English Country Dance and contra dance music: Rachel Bell, Karen Axelrod, and Eric Martin. Individually, they have performed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a trio, their improvisatory style brings a contemporary and innovative feel to both traditional and newly composed tunes and songs. From driving Scottish Reels to French Mazurkas and everything in between, Alchemy delights the listener with heartfelt performances with a touch of whimsy. Alchemy plays English country dances, contra dances, concerts, and more, and is in high demand for English country dance weekends and other special events.

Adina Gordon

Adina Gordon finds an outlet for her loves of travel, music, dance and silliness by calling and dancing throughout the US and Canada, creating joy and minor chaos wherever she goes. Combining a voice that makes you want to do what she says with a commitment to using that power for good and not evil, Adina calls contra, English and squares both old and new that cause spontaneous eruptions of joy on dance floors.

Based in Burlington, VT, Adina has called dances in 37 US states spanning all six American time zones, as well as 3 Canadian provinces and Israel. Dancers frequently remark on Adina’s energy and joy, which is both highly evident and highly contagious. She believes that when it comes to dance, If you’re laughing and smiling, you’re doing it right.

Adina’s goal is to get you dancing and get out of the way. She says more, with fewer words, to maximize dancing and minimize talking.

Rebecca McGowan

Rebecca McGowan performs, choreographs, and teaches traditional Irish dance. With a strong foundation in traditional step dancing, her dancing also draws on the musicality of older-style and sean-nós dance, the grace of soft shoe, and the joy of American and Irish social dance and music traditions. Rebecca is Artistic Director of contemporary step dance company Rising Step, and performs with duet partner Jackie O’Riley and in Kieran Jordan Dance. She has performed at the Kennedy Center, in WGBH’s “A Christmas Celtic Sojourn,” and at numerous festivals in the Boston and Washington areas. Her work has been supported by a Catalysts residency at the Dance Complex, Somerville Artist Fellowships, the Boston Foundation, NEFA, and local cultural councils. She is a 2020 Finalist in Choreography from the Mass Cultural Council. As a child she began dancing with Clare Sullivan and later studied with Kieran Jordan and the Culkin School. Rebecca has been on the faculty of the Catskills Irish Arts Week, Pinewoods Camp, and CCE MAD Week, and directs a non-competitive step dancing school for all ages in the Boston area.

Alexandra Deis-Lauby

A NYC based folk dancer, caller, teacher, and organizer.

Alexandra is a national contra dance caller who calls weekends and festivals all over the country. She tours, calling many local dances for both contra and English Country Dance.  In NYC, she teaches 4th graders and kindergarteners to barn dance in visiting school residencies. She also calls community, teen, and family dances as well as weddings.

Her clear teaching, smooth voice, and fun dance selection delight dancers from coast to coast.  Alex is excellent with all levels of dancers whether they just walked in the door or have been dancing since before she was born.  She has dances for all the folks!

When she is not calling or dancing, she can be found singing in choirs, playing the piano, dance organizing and teaching art to kids.

Max Newman

Max hails from Alaska and now resides in New England, where he has made his living as a practitioner of traditional music for the past decade and half. Music has taken him many wonderful places, made him countless friends, and provided him with many memorable experiences. He has played across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. He has played large festivals, tiny New England grange halls, the dusty streets of Burning Man, and performed for the President of Ireland. He has placed a particular emphasis on playing dance music. He is fascinated by the marriage of music and dance. A significant part of his musical career has been dedicated to exploring those connections, which he hopes shines through both at a dance and in concert. Max is a former member of the Swing into Summer Committee and longtime teacher of the “You too can Uke!” class at the weekend.