Swing into Summer 2022

Swing into Summer 2022 will be June 17-19, with some modifications in accordance with Pinewoods, CDS-Boston Centre, and governmental policy. Registration will open March 1.

About the Weekend

Exciting and affordable, Swing into Summer is an enlivening and relaxing weekend full of dance, song, music-making, and various other activities. Our phenomenal staff will have you stomping your feet at the dances and raising your voices in song.

  • What You’ll Find: Swing into Summer features contra, English, ritual dancing; shape note, harmony and pub singing; and opportunities to play and call from morning until past midnight. There are also games; crafty projects; opportunities to relax in the sun and swim in the pond; surprises; and, yes, our acclaimed All-Comers Ukulele Orchestra.
  • Who’s Going To Be There: Our staff bring to the programming a wealth of experience in making the experience truly transcendent. In addition, there are also opportunities for YOU to organize your own cool/wacky/interesting class, party, or other collective creative endeavor.
  • Who is welcome: Everyone! Swing into Summer is an all-ages, all-experiences affair. The weekend is full of activities people of every age/persuasion will enjoy, and our campers are young adults, families, and any age you can name. Swing into Summer is a great place to engage in your most beloved activities alongside trying something brand new. Jump with joyful dance moves one period and sing for the first time in years at the next (for example). So, come for what you love; stay for something you didn’t even know you loved!
  • Where It Is: Located in Plymouth, MA, Pinewoods has a long history of inspiring and connecting members of the folk community in a magical and welcoming environment.

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