Click here to register for Swing into Summer 2022!

Registration Instructions, Step 1: Registration Details

We’ve made an effort to accommodate the variety of needs in the registration procedure. Here is the basic outline of what you’re going to do:

  1. First, read through this page so you know all the details of the sliding scale pricing.
  2. Once you have read everything, fill out the form.
  3. When you have filled out the form for the first person you are registering, there will be a link to “Submit another response”. Click that if you have other people you are registering as well.
  4. When you have finished filling out the registration form for everyone you’re registering, you’re done for now. A few days after the registration deadline, we will get in touch with everyone to let you know the results of the lottery, and you can pay your registration fee at that time.

Families and Multiple Registrations: If you are registering multiple people, you should fill out the form multiple times, once for each person. After you have finished filling it out for the first person, there is a link to “Submit another response”, and that is where you can register the other members of your party. For children, see the pricing chart below.

How the lottery works with groups of people: We will keep groups of people together in the lottery. If you’re signing up with others (e.g. your family) we will keep you together. To make sure that happens, just indicate it on the form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at!


  • Age 13+ — Sliding Scale from $190 (at-cost price—$245)
  • Age 4-12 — $120
  • Age 0-3 — $100


We try to keep our costs low so you can come and have a fabulous time. We are less expensive than any other camp session at Pinewoods and we also use a Pay-What-You-Can system. This system relies on people who can pay more helping to subsidize those who cannot. The exciting result is that more people get to experience the joy of the weekend than would otherwise be able to. We ask you to carefully consider your means in relation to the cost of the weekend and be as generous as you can. But, most importantly, we want you to be able to come.

How It Works

Actual Cost: $245 is the actual per-adult cost of holding the weekend. (We have different prices for kids 12 and under. See “Pricing” above) Out of this, $145 goes to housing, meals, and use of the space, $52 to hiring the wonderful staff, and the rest for things like snacks, buttons, and other miscellaneous costs. If you can afford to pay $245, please do. If you can’t, we still want you to come and there are options for you as well! Read on…
Minimum: The minimum we’re asking adults pay is $190. If you can afford to pay more, every dollar goes towards supporting other campers and making Swing into Summer an accessible and awesome weekend with a diversity of folks! ($290, for example, makes it possible for someone who can only afford the minimum to attend.)

Please note: If you can only afford $190, we hope you will come. That’s why we’re doing this after all. But… if everyone chose to pay the minimum of $190, the weekend would lose about $4800!! No one wants that to happen! So think about what you can pay and be generous.

Paying More: Our system relies on people who can paying a bit extra to help cover those who can’t afford to pay actual cost. It’s a community-driven system. So, if you can, chip in and make great things happen! $300 (Sponsor Level) will cover one person at the minimum. $355 (Community Builder Level) will cover two. Yay, math! And thank you!


Here are a few scenarios to help you consider which payment bracket is right for you:

  • You are a student and your parents are helping cover the registration costs.
    • Go for $245.
  • You just graduated from college, are unemployed, and get a headache looking at your student loan balance.
    • Maybe somewhere between $190 and $245 is for you.
  • You have a steady job but remember what it was like to be in the above category.
    • $275 will help make this a sustainable weekend.
  • Life is good and you really care about ensuring these traditions are shared
    • Chip in $330, be an Honor Supporter and make this weekend possible!
  • You love Pinewoods, Swing into Summer and the folk dance community, and are looking at paying $360 for 4th of July Weekend 
    • Be a Community Builder at $355 and make a huge difference for dancers who otherwise couldn’t attend camp!


The Country Dance Society — Boston Centre / Pinewoods New Generation Initiative Scholarship Program provides full scholarships for selected youth (up to age 30) to attend one of the CDS-BC summer dance programs at Pinewoods Camp. Selection is based on multiple criteria including interest, financial need and leadership potential. NGI applications are due June 15th this year. Learn more about the program here. If you’re interested, fill out this form.

Cancellation Policy

We hate to see you cancel, but should you need to, here is our cancellation policy:

  • Before June 1st – Full refund
  • Before June 8th – Half refund

Recognizing that there is still a base level of uncertainty, in extenuating circumstances we are willing to be flexible.

Families and Under-18s

We welcome families! See special COVID policies for 2021. If you have questions about our kids programming or anything else, please contact us. If you are chaperoning someone under 18 to the weekend, whether or not they are your children, you must fill out this form. Please email this form to right when you register, otherwise you might forget.


In accordance with CDS-BC policy, if we fill up by the registration deadline, we will hold a lottery. CDS-BC members receive priority in that lottery. Anyone who does not get in through the lottery will be placed on a waitlist, who will be contacted as space opens up in lottery order then in first-come-first-serve order. In previous years, everyone who signed up during the registration period got in!

A note on gender balance

CDS Boston Centre does not consider gender in its camper admissions.

Code of Conduct

CDS Boston Centre adopted a Code of Conduct policy for all its programs as of January 2018. You can read the policy here.